An Experience of a Lifetime

By Aidin Boshears-Ramos

Every year the students of Calvary Christian School look forward to the annual GSACS competition. This year, however, Calvary’s very own choir directors and students embarked on a journey to Bob Jones University, where the annual AACS national competition is held. Both directors and eight students disembarked on Monday, April 9, and they returned on Friday, April 13. The student performers participated in many categories: group acting, large ensemble singing, piano duets, clarinet solos, etc. The students returned with no medals that they could speak of; but the experience of the journey, the destination, and anything else in between made the trip more than worth it.


The students and directors all spent their nights in the dormitories themselves, instead of buying hotel rooms off-campus. This let the students experience what everyday college life is like: staying up until two in the morning studying for a test; all-out Nerf wars; stories about this, that, and the other thing; and so much more. The experience itself was one of the most enjoyable things that I have ever been a part of, and I hope that many others can experience the same exact thing.


Although I would love other students to be exposed to college life just as I was, this trip may have been a one-time thing for the students of Calvary. Generosity and kindness are what made this trip possible. I thank the people that donated their hard-earned money to a trip like this. I never would have been able to experience something as awesome otherwise – thank you.


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