Springing Forward

By Carly Reuther

Every April, students at Calvary Christian School come together to put on the Spring Concert and Art Exhibit. The purpose of the concert is to showcase pieces that were entered at the fine arts competition. The concert is also an opportunity for parents to witness what their child has been working on at school within the past three months.

This year, the concert was held on March 27. Aside from our junior and senior high performances at the concert, our elementary performed a few of their own pieces: two solo speeches, a large vocal ensemble with our fourth through eighth graders, and four songs our entire elementary sang as a group. To finish off, our kindergartners sang three of their favorite songs.

After the concert was over, refreshments were served, and art was displayed that students had been working on all year. One of our elementary teachers shared her thoughts on the Spring Concert when asked about her favorite performance pieces, “I really enjoyed the group acting [performed by the senior high], the music, and just seeing the student’s talents.” She also mentioned that musical pieces “were chosen by the technical ability of the students and . . . [to] glorify God . . . .”

As each year passes by, the concerts are a very fun and exciting time for everyone. Throughout the past ten years of Spring Concert performances, we have striven to use our talents for what they were originally intended: the glorification of the Lord. As a student body we will continue to set that as our goal for each and every performance; and Lord willing, we will have many more opportunities to continue to do just that.

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