Crosswords Puzzles: Why Are We Playing Games in Class?

Being able to communicate effectively, both in the spoken and the written word, means having a good vocabulary. For children, that means someone has to teach them the words. As teachers, it means finding ways to teach vocabulary so that students will remember the words and use them.


Studying so as Not to Repeat the Mistakes of the Past

I think that just about every educator has had to answer the question, “Why do we study _______________?” For some subjects, the answer is relatively simple. We study math because it is used in everything from shopping to cooking to complex science. We study English grammar so we can communicate effectively with others through both the written and the spoken word. For many, though, the reason for studying history remains somewhat elusive: We study history in order to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of the past so that we can avoid the mistakes and replicate the triumphs.

Old Glory: A Symbol of a Great Nation

The flag of the United States goes by many different names – Old Glory, Stars and Stripes, The Star-Spangled Banner. This flag represents the nation it belongs to just like any other country’s flag. Flags are a symbol of the country, and the lands they fly over signify ownership. The first flags were used in the eighteenth century, and generally, were placed in newly conquered lands. It was the way the conquering country showed the land now belonged to them.

Running for Money

Every year, Calvary Christian School has a fundraiser in which the students participate. The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise money to improve the school’s playground equipment. The goal we’re trying to achieve is $4,000. The school encourages students to participate in the fundraiser to better improve their school.

An Experience of a Lifetime

Every year the students of Calvary Christian School look forward to the annual GSACS competition. This year, however, Calvary’s very own choir directors and students embarked on a journey to Bob Jones University, where the annual AACS national competition is held. Both directors and 8 students disembarked on Monday, April 9, and they returned on Friday, April 13.

Training up a Child

 As my senior year at CCS is coming to a close, I have come to realize the numerous ways Calvary has benefited me and my walk with Christ. One of those benefits is constantly being surrounded by faculty and peers who desire to see me grow in my love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. up-a-child

Springing Forward

Every April, students at Calvary Christian School come together to put on the Spring Concert and Art Exhibit. The purpose of the concert is to showcase pieces that were entered at the fine arts competition. The concert is also an opportunity for parents to witness what their child has been working on at school within the past three months.