My Revelation unto You

Here at Calvary Christian School, we stress learning the Bible. It’s taught in multiple settings during the school week: We have Bible class, chapel, and times during other classes where the Bible is applied. However, there is one more way. Mrs. Mattish runs a Bible study on Thursday afternoon during lunch. It is open to everyone, and if you’re into coffee, that’s available. Mrs. Mattish teaches the student


Creating with Our Hands

Every year at Calvary Christian School, our elementary group has a competition available for grades 4 through 6. The art teachers, Mrs. Hinton and Mrs. Winn, encourage the students to participate in the art category. The competition allows four students from every school to enter. One student can enter a maximum of two categories.

Onward and Upward

Calvary Christian School recently hosted a Bob Jones Representative, Mr. Kittrell, who discussed with the students what to expect from college life. The visit has sparked conversation into other Christian colleges. Maranatha Baptist University (MBU), International Baptist College and Seminary (IBCS), and Bob Jones University (BJU) are Bible-based Christian colleges that each offer individual advantages to different types of students. A student considering full-time ministry would most likely focus on IBCS because of its excellent pastoral ministry program. However, students who want a liberal arts degree would need one of the other schools. Christian schools and universities are very important to maintaining a godly worldview.

Spreading Our Wings

At Calvary Christian School we have a calisthenics class for elementary school students led by none other than Mrs. Mixter! The class takes place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and consists of extremely fun games and exercises. This class is known as physical education (PE). The class is normally 45 minutes in length and concludes when the school day is almost over.  

Gearing Up for the Lord

Calvary Christian School has been upgrading the props and equipment used for the Christmas program each year. It’s our hope to make people’s experience at the program a more enjoyable one, where listeners can get a good message out of the performance with a better quality of equipment and gear.

Taking New Wings

Calvary Christian School has had many coaches across the span of its life, ranging from volleyball coaches to softball coaches to football coaches. Each coach brings with him his own abilities and experiences, and the new coach for the Calvary Christian basketball team is no different. Coach Aaron Netzel has coached several different schools, has helped many different students, and has over 20 years of experience under his belt. Many of the students at Calvary think that Coach Netzel might be the best coach they've ever had.

Faith in Living Color

One of the greatest privileges of teaching in a Christian school is teaching the students about the God we serve. As a teacher, I get to teach them about His sovereignty, His omniscience, His omnipotence, His omnipresence, His love, His providence, and His faithfulness. Besides teaching them in the classroom and in a Bible study, I get to live my faith out before them every day. The greatest challenge as a teacher is that I often forget the students are watching me, so my faith had better be real and consistent and not an act.

A Fundraiser to Fall For

Every year around fall time, Calvary Christian School has a fundraiser. The school has been purchasing poinsettias from Headstart Nursery, and popcorn and other sweets from The Goodies Factory for several years now. The staff hands out the order sheets for the two companies to the students to use to sell the products. Our students, kindergarten through twelfth grade, participate in the selling of these Christmas items, and according to the faculty, the main goal is “for each family to sell at least 5 items.”

Growing and Learning Is a Process

When a child grows, he matures. He experiences things like marriage, children of his own, and a job. One of the primary shaping influences of his life is his experiences in elementary school. In elementary school, kids meet cool teachers like Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Mixter who give them many opportunities to participate in class projects. The goal for these projects is to expand each child’s education through hands-on learning. Projects include school gardening, art, the elementary fine arts competition, state and country reports, volcanoes, and book reports.